Dinner is served!

A delight for all your five senses, an explosion of colors, flavors and tastes. A menu based mainly on seafood, spectacular as a kabuki show: ten dishes, from the dramatic appearance of the sashimi to the sweet happy end of the desert. We simply call it Washoku - Japanese food. And we mean it.

For those who choose the Deluxe Course,
the Abalone really saved the last dance.cuddled up in the deadly embrace of the fire.

Pure natural taste

Sashimi the famous Japanese tuna, the kin me (sea bream),
captured by the local fishermen, squid, octopus, turban shell.


∗The arrangements differ according to the number of the guests.


We know, you′re on vacation, but why not make breakfast by yourself? It's easy, like a morning barbecue of turban shell, scallop, dry fish. Of course, you're not going to be all by yourself, so don't worry. And we promise to cook the rest of the meal: famous miso soup, sashimi and the delicious tuna fish in finger-licking sauce.


If you're lucky, you might assist in the tuna cutting show. A 70 kg tuna fish, cut in two with an authentic samurai sword by the founder of Fujiyoshi.

They are our regular guests from Hong Kong.

The morning after Tuna cutting entertainment, sashimi will be served instead of sushi.
If you have any allergy or food restrictions, please let us know. Thank you.