Rates guide

Dinner is served!

Number of persons per room Meal′s plan
Weekdays Saturday/ Sunday Holidays and days before holidays
2 persons per room S ¥17,150 ¥20,150
D ¥22,150 ¥25,150
3persons per room S ¥16,150 ¥19,150
D ¥21,150 ¥24,150
4 persons per room S ¥15,150 ¥18,150
D ¥20,150 ¥23,150

S - Standard plan Dinner 10 dishes and sashimi
Breakfast Seafood grill, sashimi/ seafood miso soup and other side dishes
D - Deluxe plan Dinner 10 dishes and Sashimi plus grilled lobster and grilled abalone
Breakfast Seafood grill, sushi, seafood miso soup and other side dishes
♦ Dinner can be served to the room, for an additional charge of 2000¥.
♦ For the rooms with their own hot spring*, 2,000yen/ person will be added to the regular rate.
♦ The rate might change for National Holidays, or the New Year.

Kids plan

7-12 years One night two meals (dinner and breakfast) ¥10,150 Dinner - Beef steak & side dishes
¥7,150 Dinner - a children special dish
1-6 years No meal ¥5,000 Mattress charge
Admission charge
Under 1 year ¥1,000

Spa and Meal

If you cannot stay overnight, you can visit us for lunch and you can enjoy our spas for three hours (with Yukata). Visiting hours are from 11.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m..

Seafood grill course & Sashimi course
Spa & Meal Seafood grill course ¥5,650 Sazae (turban shell), Scallop, Dry fish, Lobster and 6 side dishes
Sashimi course ¥5,650 Sashimi (7-8 kinds of fish and shells) and 6 side dishes
Spa only Adult ¥1,650 ·Small towel (sale) ¥200
·Bath towel (rent) ¥500
·Swimsuit (rent) ¥500
Child ¥750

Ingredients may vary per season.